NOTE: This blog has not been regularly maintained since 2012. This page and the site in general remains posted for informational and archival purposes only.

The Idea
A good lunch spot is different than a good restaurant, and I think the demands of the working person’s meal are worthy of focused exploration. KC Lunch Spots became active on January 1, 2007 featuring brief, uninformed, snarky musings about the dearth of suitable restaurants in the downtown area. As I familiarized myself with the many options in town, the site became much more of a traditional restaurant blog featuring casual reviews and observations about dining culture in the metropolitan area.

I generally try to visit a place multiple time before writing about it, but some of my posts are based on a single visit and thus not necessarily representative of everyone’s experience. In the real world, restaurants have one chance to appeal to us so I don’t feel that bad about it, but I try to be fair.

What makes a good lunch spot?

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Fast/Efficient
  • Inexpensive
  • Tasty
  • Friendly
  • Unique

Do I take suggestions?
Yes I do. I actually keep a spreadsheet of the restaurants I have yet to review. Although comments are more fun, feel free to add a place directly to the document.

Will you go to lunch with me?
Do you have a lunch spot that you want to show me? Generally if I have met you, if you are someone who reads and comments on the blog, or are someone who I know on twitter or facebook, I would be delighted to have lunch with you at the restaurant of your choice. I’m not in this game to meet strangers and develop my awkward conversation skills, but sometimes it’s fun to connect. I will not let you pay for me, and I will not pay for you. Give me a holler and we can work something out.

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  1. you rock :)

  2. Wonderful chance to meet with you and take lunch with you. I’ll be delighted if you will be on my side during launch time in a nice restaurant at our locality. Thanks mate
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